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Canadian Military Budget Update

So, the deer come by in deer territory in the Great Canadian Military City of Vernon and munch stuff grown with water because access to water is blocked by farm fences and roads are deadly. For this invasion, military technology is the only thing. As few Canadians own guns, improvisation is key. Here you can see the solution at work.

An Example of Artificial Intelligence at Work on the Battlefield

Don’t let the wheelbarrow fool you. That’s a memento from another war. We can, however, estimate the costs:

Frost Tender Plant$40
All in$122
Cost of Installing One Landscaping Bunker

This battlefield has three bunkers like this, for a mission total of $366. As you can see, the main goal, of beautification of a new $1,500,000 home has been achieved at less than the cost of a rifle and a box of shells. That’s the Canadian way. Plus it’s art, and where there’s art, well, you just know it, there’s bound to be a critic.

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