Cottonwoods Are the Salmon of the Air

Cottonwood trees lay down the nutrient conditions for salmon by creating sandbars, back eddies, and nutrient rich water. More vitally, their leaves are salmon. They grow along a spine and then at the end of spawning season drift on the shore of the Earth as salmon do, dying, with all their ribs showing.

Salmon align themselves with water. Cottonwood leaves with the wind.

What’s more, the land, and the rivers the salmon follow, are in this fish spine pattern as well, as are the trees. What this understanding of convergence shares with biology is a human observer and a recognition of pattern, gathered through the senses. Analysis follows, but first come personal relationships between humans, salmon and trees that roar like a river in the lightest of summer breezes.

At the end of the season, they drift away.

Catch on a stone and continue to catch the sun and make out of rock an Earth.

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