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  1. I suspect that does and fawns could jump through those fences at full speed. Or jump them. We once saw a fox run through a 4″ X 4″ page wire fence with a duck egg in his mouth at full speed. Without breaking the egg.

    Maybe the fences are to keep the trees [sic] from migrating to wintering grounds in suburban yards.

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    • The fawns especially just go under. So do the coyotes. Really, though, I see little difference here, other than the big human-human difference, between preventing the Okanagan Indian Band Members from crossing ranch land to access crown land than this, just that the band members here are the deer people, but the principle remains unquestioned. When the majority of the apples never make it to market, and all the twigs are pruned off in late summer, what more damage could a deer do? These fences are here to assert land rights. They are a form of human social display, funded by the government on an anti-pest program to prevent shooting in farmland and to allow suburban development to continue unabated.


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