Apple Harvest, Gloriously

She’s a beautiful apple isn’t she, all knobbly like a green tomato, and with hail scars, to boot!

Today was picking day!

What a grand day.

The box on the left are the windfalls.

The other boxes will last through the snow time. Right now, they taste like young Riesling wine. Later, they will take like tender, scented blossoms.

Her name is Benvoulin. Today I also picked the last of my other wild apple, the Fintry.

These make the best apple pie in the world. I originally thought they’d make a great cider, but to date they have not been up to that, except now. In this odd, late season, the last apples on the tree, they ripened slowly, with cool nights, lots of shade, six weeks past the first ones…and, yes, they’d make a great cider.

All in all, a great day!

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