Walking Onions

Also called “Egyptian Onions”.  Yes, they walk. They’re also the first onions of the year. And that year starts now, as you can see. Bonus: they have a website: Egyptian Walking Onion.  John Bibby gave me my first ones 40 years ago. As you can see, he’s still here in spirit.

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    • Let’s say you plant one 1 foot away from a garden wall and 20 feet away from a Bramley’s Seedling apple tree. The onion grows, it forms a head about 12” off the ground, which is heavy, and falls. It roots. Now you have two plants, one at 1 foot, and one at 2 feet. What’s more, the 2 footer probably had a secondary head another 6” up, so, really, three plants, at 1 foot, 2 feet and 2.5 feet. Next year, they do it all over again. Now you are out there at 4 feet. Not too long and the darling has stepped along in this way and is 10 yet from the Bramley, which is close enough, cuz those things need their space. Of course, this is not a linear walker. It kind of staggers like a bee, so, really, magic, and that’s that.


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