Muskrats: the Mammalian Goose

Or is the goose the avian muskrat? These are the big questions. First, the goose, nice and fat.

Then the biggest muskrat I’ve ever seen, hanging out with its lunch. Imagine what it could do if it had wings!

This is a question right up there with the chicken and the egg.


Gardom Lake

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  1. Canada goose getting along with turtle and female goldeneye? Amazing tolerance. (I just tried to post this for the fourth time; I wonder if I said the same thing each time?)


    • There’s another shot with turtles and muskrats getting along, and another with ducks and turtles. It’s the eagle one has to watch for!



  2. I was at Rotary Marsh in Kelowna one day, taking pictures of a Great Blue Heron as he fished. It wasn’t until I looked closely at the photos later that I realized the bird wasn’t fishing – it was plucking baby muskrats right out of the nest.
    Nature. Always interesting.


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