The Energy Shifters

The trees…

Botanical Garden, Akureyri

… give way.

They recognize each other. The snow…

1:30 p.m. in Laugaland, Iceland

… gives way to houses.


2 p.m. near Grund

They recognize each other. These are manifestations of energy. That it is called matter is a gift to us from history, but we would do well to remember that this “matter” is a form of energy, as concentrated as perfume, and not “stuff” at all.

It is good to remember that we are energy transformers. We are meeting places.

Each of us much like a city square or a farmyard tun.  Keeping things is not what stuff is for. It is there to shift energy, not to mine it.

It matters not that the days are short when the moments have no length.

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