Garden Looking Good (Just in Time)!

Three months ago, I was digging a deep hole for the greenhouse foundation. Now look at it!

We’re getting there, eh! Garden boxes built, garden terrace built, greenhouse ramp and floor built, sand on the muck between the garden boxes until the grass grows back, hazelnuts picked, leaves raked up, spinach, cilantro, mustard, parsley, apples picked, arugula and corn salad still growing strong. Chamomile has regrown, waiting for spring. Some self-seeded peas to the right of the greenhouse are still hanging in there. All this four hours before the rains really set in. Garlic snuggled in under 14 inches of leaf mulch. Next, mow the grass as mouse control, plant the onions I moved out of the raised beds before I demolished them, some serious weed removal that came when I imported some plants from my father’s garden, another unit of raised beds behind the apricot tree (left of the greenhouse), replace the composter, build platforms for the rain collection barrels, and benches for the greenhouse.  I even had a raccoon visit, digging up something from the compost under the terrace to the left. Mysterious! There are still 2 Honeycrisp apples on one of the trees. Can you spot them? Next year, this will be a main gardening time, to take advantage of those rains.

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