The Garden Comes Along in the Snow

Three weeks of work lead to a rush to get the garden built before the snow, eh. Here I am yesterday afternoon.

The old garden beds are in the bags, waiting to be hauled away. The walking onions are waiting to be planted in pots for the greenhouse, but all in a bit of time. I had to move fifteen loads of soil this morning in the snow.  This is the muddy slippery mess I left.

As you can see, though, it’s dry and warm in the greenhouse. I can now build my planting tables.

I had manure enough for six boxes. I  went off to get some manure for the other eight, but, no, would you believe it, the whole gardening world has shut down! 24 Hour Security! Armed guards! A classic bind: either you just get done in the first snow, or you have the manure ready and don’t just get done in the first snow. Well, I guess you don’t change over to shoulder season gardening in one try, eh. Now, to rake leaves! Most are already on top of my garlic, so that’s very fine.



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