Spring for the Japanese Quince and Her Sisters

The double-flowered Japanese quince in front of my house is still dropping her leaves.

She has also been bearing her scarcely open blossoms for weeks now. For her, winter is over. And look! More sagebrush buttercups!

The Earth is changing her seasons. How well can we read them and change ours? Even Siya? is finished with winter.

And this, although today the mountains were drenched in snow, wind, ice, fog and storm. I drove up through the Thompson Parklands today. The whole way, the Siya? bushes were glowing with red light: a spring colour, of bushes quick with sap.

What a fascinating few months lie before us!

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    • Ah, but it’s only European colonization that says this is winter. It’s the wet season, cool version. Spring was actually in early October.



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