A Celebration of the Sophisticated Art Traditions of the Okanagan Valley

The art of flirting artfully with danger …

… needs a stage that is, itself, art.

In it, you can put, well, art. Some options for the Okanagan lifestyle from Hambleton Gallery in Kelowna, are…

They’re a bit duller than the stage itself, but, hey, that’s part of the art of it. As they say at The Commonage housing development on the old syilx land claim between Okanagan and Kalamalka Lake, simple is the new sophisticated. Plus lavender.

Sage, for some reason, will not do.

This transformation of a staging of the valley into the staging of a stage is, unsurprisingly, called staging. Here is what Centre Staging BC in Kelowna can do with the concept by recombining materials from the art galleries of our time, the home decor merchants, skilled at making any house anywhere look like it is in the Hamptons. That’s an art in itself!

But despair not, the work crews have fun doing staging of their own from their own class perspective. Great balance between the pink concrete spill shadow and the shadows of the sun, and all those fine iron lines, guys!

Of course, not all of this art making is for humans, whew. I mean, a weedy hill not staging your stage well?

This can be fixed.

Wait, that’s for humans. Here, a closer look helps:

A stage for quail! Thanks, Dean for the fine work. And the marmots are going to love those rocks, surely and for true. This group from the rock work on the other side of the house, for example. Eager for work to be done so they can move in!

Hey, it’s a thing. Of course, if you’ve lived here for awhile and are not moving in from some urban stage, you’re going to want to stage your long-time home with a bit of bling, too, right? No problem! There are enough true Canadian icons for everyone. A moose crossing, for example.

Nice work with that blue tarp referencing the Fraser River as it descends from the Rockies, eh! But, don’t forget, simple is the new sophisticated. Sure, sure, maybe in the past you went through the expense of trying to stage some flowers in an old whiskey barrel, but, whew, work, right. And then you had a pillar, with a light, and everything, but, bang, you ran into it with a moving truck and what then? No problem. The earth provides.


Couch grass and cockroaches, those two will survive a nuclear winter, and little else. Look at couch grass staging its future already, in the orange light from this summer’s fires.

What a stage for apocalypse!

But how are you going to stage something as profound as that? Why, simply, of course:

Now, that’s sophisticated!

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