Artificial Intelligence

Flat Out Floating!

Ah, for the love of flatness. As I mentioned:

in flat energy fields, the red dogwood creating heat by turning red in the spring sun and “flattening” out the seasons, and the water that “flattens” the bed of Okanagan Lake are the same energy. For the joy of flatness, and to show some parameters of this energy, here’s some more!

Highland One-Room School, Washington

The Prairie Above the Palouse Gorge

Okanagan Lake Again

Look at it flattening out the light, too! Why, this fjord belongs at sea.

Tide Flat at Pacific Beach, Washington

This one is at sea. Top marks.

Note how the flat even stills waves driven by the wind. They too flatten out:

Rialto Beach, Washington

Look how a lava flow flattens out to make a flat..

Lake Lenore, Grand Coulee

Or an old lake bottom!

Middle Grassland, Farwell Canyon

And look at the active form of flat: float.

Kiona, Washington

The space demands it. We are proud of our free will, but it is nothing. Anything we do is within flat energy, even if we directly oppose it. So, for now, enjoy how flat you are!

Float on!

Flat is natural landscaping. Everything else follows.

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