flower gardening

Darwin Missed Out, Poor Guy

Flowers are lovely. Creatures come to settle in. The flower calls, and the world answers.

It’s the same with the stalk. Those seeds aren’t going to be spread on their own!

It’s all a recreation of the sun, not as a star but as a source of life. “Colour!” say the flowers, meaning “Light!”, meaning “Life!”, and not meaning “I’m keeping, because this is a war.”

This is not a war.

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  1. Oh, Harold- your posts sometimes make me cry. Indeed, this is not a war. Thank you for sharing your lovely colours.

    Last week I went to paint with a group pf artists who meet in an upstairs room in a church and make art in community. I used to teach art, and later worked as an educator in an art gallery, but have not painted in a very long time. I was not going to go back this week, because I felt crowded by other things I should do. Seeing the orange flower and the seeds waiting to be dispersed, perhaps I will go, and spend two hours being attentive.

    Thank you, and a big hug. You remind me to look for the light, and to reflect it.



    • I have just discovered (after writing this) that this is the definition of myth, true myth: a need is identified and the world answers. I’m going to try to gather some images around this to see if I can’t have some fun with it.


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