Lessons On Blending In at a Stag Party in Coyote Country

You can hide behind stuff. Sure, you might get spotted, but I bet that most times you don’t.

And, in the end, the sagebrush masks one’s intentions. In a landscape that’s a bushy maze, the first move is critical. You remain in control as long as you can hold both that move and enough distance to take advantage of it.

And once spotted, break your movement up into periods of freezing. You remain unpredictable. For this reason, freeze in the open, not when hidden. When hidden, move fast, so you can freeze where everyone can see you, but can’t read your mind.

Being truly hidden is a disadvantage, unless you aren’t seen in the first place. That is the position with the greatest openness of all, and openness is everything. This lesson in reciprocal respect is invaluable.

Excellent colour matching helps distract predators drawn to beauty, too.

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