Who Loves Green Peppers Now?


The new landscaping staff stealing a bite at work on the front yard while I was up on the hill and teaching me again that an interface works both ways.

Doe and her still-suckling twins.

Note to self: plant more peppers next year. Expect company to stop by.

Should I put out milk?

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  1. It was the red cabbages here, and all the kale, and raspberry and rose leaves. (Bear broke into the garden while we were away and the resident doe found the gap in the fence…) I’m actually thinking that kale-fed venison would taste quite good…

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    • I’m lucky I keep my kale behind a fence!

      They don’t like my broccoli, though.

      Yes, red cabbage are a favourite. I liken those to those moulded jellies that were all the rage at potlucks in the 60s. Mmmmmm.


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