Nature Photography

Juvenile Stars About to Leave the Nesting Colony

They are still being born.

They are countless and perfect.

Born from suns themselves.

At home in the complex interstellar environment.

And now they are leaving home.

Soon they will drift on the interstellar winds.

Among supernovae.

Through solar flares.

Among nebulae…

… and star clusters of all kinds.

It is the season for floating to the far corners of the universe.

… and beginning again.

The universe doesn’t extend.

It deepens and curves.

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  1. I love the way your mind takes flight, easy as those seeds. Beautiful images too, as usual. I hope you’re dealing with the smoke all right. You must have had some really bad days up there!


    • Thanks! We are not in the worst of the smoke zone, but it’s smoky nonetheless. I hope some Arctic air blows this situation clear soon. I plan to write about that flight-taking, and the smoke, soon. I’m assembling my gut-feelings into thoughts!


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