The Palette of Saskatoons Through the Year

Isn’t it very fine. There are the saskatoons of winter, with bark in a palette of rose and plum.

saskThen there are the saskatoons of springtime. Look at their palette now! (This palette is laid down over the rose and plum palette of winter.)


Then summer comes!


Then autumn!


And all together through the year? Look below. Those are the colours of saskatoon, or síya?. 


The image below shows the continuous sequence of colour change from wood to fruit to leaf to wood, where the opening begins again, or rather, continues.

saskatoonspectrumAt one time of the year, the wood gives its colours to fruit. At another time of year, the leaves give their colours to wood. Put that another way: the fruit ripens out of winter’s wood, just as autumns wood ripens out of spring’s leaf and, when it is fully ripe and is again winter’s wood, it ripens into summer’s fruit. It is the story of the separate rising of the blue, then yellow and their stilling again. Half the year is yellow, half is red. Half holds the sun. Half holds the fruit that the sun will ripen. What an astonishing creature saskatoon is!




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