Earth and Story

I know the land. I’ve known it for a long time.


I know the stories. I’ve known them for a long time.  Stories of Coyote, for example, that howler..P2240487Such knowledge is useless for a world of Android phones and  glass and aluminum streetscapes,  in which sophisticated social organization has come to be termed “civil’-ization, that is to say “the creation of cities.” There is a correspondingly sophisticated social organization that exists in earth-based community. Why, you can live with a nest of birds, which appears right where birds nest. There is a rightfulness to it.P2240454In this earth, to read the light is to read more than light. P2240759Its effects are very subtle. Poetry, literature, or the gestures of performance or the artifice of politics were never so expressive.P2240799

No school can teach you how to read what can be read in this space and time..P2240942No school should. It is the work of a life. P2240966Life is the outcome.

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