Wasps: Workers in the Furnace of the Sun

It takes a particle of light 100,000 years to rise from the core of the sun to its surface, eight minutes to make it to Earth, and no time at all to complete the reaction on a trembling aspen tree, closing a 3.5 billion year loop.


We live within the sun.



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  1. Hi! Good morning.

    I do not understand clearly the phrase “closing a 3.5 billion year loop.” Maybe you can clarify it for me. Is that a reference to the “Big Bang”?

    I spent quite a bit of time yesterday with Betty at “The Village By the station”. She is gradually improving physically, but “Dr. Alzheimer” is doing his job relentlessly.


    “Dan Quixote”

    P.s.: forgive my “spelling.



  2. Sorry! I forgot to add this picture, which also is rather ancient, the Subject working year and day-around.



    • Hi, Dan,

      3.6 billion: life on earth, more or less. My idea was that that life is still opening, in a continuous stream of light, i.e. it is that stream of light, opening, and at this moment, Zippety-do, a wasp. The leaf shows the wasp in the sun. You up to a road trip some day, in a couple weeks?


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