The Ice Age is Still Here

Ice dropped a stone two miles to its bed. Lichen came. It’s still here. Grass came. It’s still here. Trees have come and gone how many times with fire and wind? Two hundred? Five hundred?


This forest was beetle-killed eight years ago. The stone is still here. Big Bar Lake.

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  1. I think in such immediate terms. Nice to see quick regeneration. Would it help to harvest, knock down, help breakdown, create sawdust, utilize what sound wood there is? Are not the dead standing giants a menace to be near for decades?



    • No, the grass came back, the trees fell within 4 years, the standing ones are habit for woodpeckers, the fallen ones for termites and bears, plus they store water, and new trees came up within 5 years. Cutting the trees, where it was done, was disastrous. Amazing, eh!


  2. You, Harold, are always here to lift our spirits, way up into “Heaven”. Or, at least, towards the infinite Universe expressing itself in infinite variety of ways. Thank you.
    And you do it all, without charging a penny. You ARE a GUARDIAN CHILD of THE UNIVERSE.

    Live long, and Prosper!


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