The Hidden Water of the Grasslands

A grassland slope…

P1980244Big Bar Esker 

(An Esker is a river that ran upside down beneath glacial ice.)

Flowers in Big Bar Lake.



Grassland ground up on the esker…



That’s not soil between the bunches of grass and the flowers and herbs but a layer of blue green algae, lichens, mosses, bacteria and invertebrates…about 100 species per square foot.Here, look closer:




Blue-green algae, mosses, lichens? It’s a lake without the water (or a glacier without the ice.) Don’t be fooled. Even without the water, the lake is there.


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  1. Love it! I was quite surprised to find quite a bit of moss on my last walk at Ashnola. I spent 30 years at sea, there are vast deserts (in relative terms) in the ocean.


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