Nature Photography

Flower Sex

Well, the wild asters are blooming in the ruined grasslands, and the last of the wild bees are coming in, and, I tell you, this is not how humans do the deed.P1810601For one thing, the flower contains both female and male organs. Unlike humans, where attraction leads to physical motion in unison and all good things, the flower just sits there in the wind, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. And sometimes it’s a bee who comes, sometimes an ant, and sometimes a fly that just hatched out of a pile of cow poop.P1810603Makes no difference. This is it.


The sexual stimulation is made by a random third party that lives in the grass.


And so the grassland stimulates the flower, which then seeds the grassland. Well, if the deer and the birds don’t get to its seed first.

P1810676One left! Yay!

The loving other is not the bee, you see. There is no other. But was there ever? No. This is the signature of Planet Earth. It divides itself so that it can come together, and in the moment of coming together come to life.

closebee 2

I’m all for that.


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