Endangered species

Don’t Mess With the Earth, I Say

Some people look at the flax, that used to keep people clothed in the cold, and think, “My, that makes life worth living.”


And other people just whack it down.



Yeah, that looks better.



Heck, might as well have a go at the sagebrush, too.



Cuz, what’s that, a weed or something.



Yeah, that’s it. But, you know, with all the concrete and the $300 per month in strata fees for a front lawn the size of a putting green, and all the red, Eastern Canadian Maples planted to make retirees from Canada feel at home here in the West, there is revenge. And not just the wild lettuce and mullein moving in.



I mean, even the romantic maples along the boulevard aren’t quite as romantic as you might think.



They’re making their move! That’s a seven year old sidewalk, that is. By the looks of it, in a decade, it’ll be a all broken up. My money is on those maple seeds. Well, and the flax, too.



Like I said, don’t mess with the earth.

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  1. I can’t understand why people would cut down flax. Nor can I understand why road verges here in Ontario are sometimes rid of their wild plants and grassed (!), which means gas-powered mowers having to cut it every few weeks.
    If the verges were left to themselves, they’d soon be covered in an array of wild plants — buttercups, daisies, chicory, Queen Anne’s lace, Indian paint brush, milkweed, goldenrod, wild asters, and others — which look after themselves and provide food for insects (think Monarch butterflies) and some birds. And look much more interesting, in their changing variety, than browning grass in the summertime.
    But of course they’re all weeds, too, aren’t they?


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