Bad UFO Landing Sites

Weaver Ant Hill. Danger of death by nibbling.P1730122 Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Extreme warning: sturgeon fishermen.sturgeon Highway 97. Splat.P1680811 Bonneville Dam. Too many hooks.bonnevilleBlack Hole. Too scary.P1710446Chinese Elm Flowers. Danger of tangling the interstellar drive…

… and choking the methane intake with pollen.


Kalamalka Lake Bench: Danger of ripping out the undercarriage on the seat back. Plus, a basic requirement for a butt. Do you have a butt?P1710496 Orchard Hill Power Pole: the proverbial interstellar spider’s web. Don’t risk it.P1720121 Intermontane Grassland: no flat bits!tilt

Hat Rock: already occupied.

P1080015 Gallagher Lake Garlic Field: sawdust allergy issues. You could blow a nostril gasket.garlicChoke Cherry Thicket: there’s a porcupine.
P1710106 Ponderosa Pine Forest: Unstable footing.P1710324 Kalamalka Lake Park: Teenagers! Extreme Warning!P1710347 The Commonage: sharp bits.P1650628

Bella Vista Garden: Extreme bush whacking.

P1640324 Weeping Willow: already occupied with visitors from Betelgeuse-4.P1640149

Maybe you should bring the Dodge.


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  1. Love it, great post! The winter swarms of waxwings do give off alien invader vibes. I often see solitaires fiercely guarding their favourite winter berry patches from the swarms, usually to no avail.


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