Talking With the Trees

Here’s a dolmen in North Wales. Note the tree.P1110021

The dolmen is thousands of years older than the tree. It has a lid, to keep out the rain, I guess. Like a tree. It’s rather held up like an offering, too. By its friends. Nice.


You can put your dead people inside. The lid keeps them in. Kind of as if the earth were a stone tree, really.

P1100995It’s not so different  than what the Welsh did a few thousand years later. Only thing is, they did all that masonry to build a gate, and inside, well, every person got a slate slab, stuck up on its end, as if they were men and women waiting for Christ to walk in that door.P1110064 Or to come from the sea.


The rocks have their way with us. “We will be men,” they say. And we oblige. And of those men? Well, notice how these 19th century Welsh have done with the tree thing. Their Christ does it for them all, hanging from his cross at the intersection of heaven and earth.  Before Christ came along, the Welsh had a dozen sacred trees like the rowan below.


By the looks of it, they cut down the trees. The rocks won. Well, not quite. The trees are no less finished talking than the rocks are.


Good. As long as they keep talking, so do we.

Here’s what I wrote about these Welsh stones in 2003 and included in my book The Spoken World in 2011.



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    • Thanks! These fit in perfectly with a talk I’m giving tomorrow on fruit orchards as sacred spaces. It will appear on my blog soon, richer because of your help. It also helps me with my project on, concerning Nicholas Roerich and Atlantis, and (Icelandic) connections to German history from the 1920s through 1945, especially the trip to Atlantis that the writer Gunnar Gunnarsson made in 1928 on which, I believe, he resolved to fight the German regime head on with his novels. At any rate, Himmler was interested in these dolmens, as (he believed) an outlying survivor of Atlantis and, according to his bizarre theories, the origin of the Germans. There even was a special division of the SS (Sonderkommando K) set up to explore the dolmens during the German occupation. The Russian Army expelled the Germans before the investigations started. Here’s a page onРерих,_Николай_Константинович. No doubt you’ve heard of him and his connection to Atlantis (Миф Атлантиды)? I’ve always wondered what he was looking for in the Caucasus. The theory would have been that if the soil once gave rise to Aryans (who never existed), then the modern Aryans (self-proclaimed, the Germans, or at least the SS) needed to reclaim the soil, as (hold on, this gets weird) all Germans come from the soil ,and soil, once fertilized with German (Atlantean) blood retains the capacity to generate Germans forever and must (No) be brought into Deutschland (German Land), hence the refusal to retreat from Stalingrad. Crazy. The dolmens look very celtic to me, especially the designs on the link you sent me. So, expect a post on soon, too! Thank you. Here’s an image of Siebenfelsen in the Black Forest, a celtic site. I have better images of my own, which clearly show the celtic features of the site (The phallus on the left is a stack of skulls, the vagina on the right is protected by horse, bear and snake. There are other features, too.)


      • Это очень интересная тема. И колоссальный труд то, что вы делаете. Успехов вам! Если нужно, пишите, я поищу интересующую вас информацию.


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