Nature Photography

Water, Time and Loons

Ah, what great stuff water is. When the sun mixes with it like spiritual smoke, you can sort of see through it…P1190551 It looks a bit like a polaroid photograph of the sun, taken over hundreds of millions of years and developed right now …P1190433In contemporary fashion, lakes are known as environments. If the earth is viewed with time rather than with space, it’s a source. It’s not just light that sets over time. Life does, too.

P119043737 Million Years of Time Rises from the Water

Common Loon, Big Bar Lake

And goes back…

downLoon Chick Diving Into the World it Is

Big Bar Lake

If a lake is an environment, let’s think of it as one — not as a home for individuals, but as one unified thing. One living thing.


The Living Lake

It is a definition of life that it is independent and self-replicating. What if that were just an eighteenth century cultural bias, and this were a form (or a stage) of life …

P1190782 Or this?

P1200383Big Bar Lake at Dusk

Physicists have demonstrated that time and space are one. It is a common belief of scientific commentary that these effects are not observable in everyday life. What if they are? P1190470Loon Taking Flight

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