Land Development

Highways: Green Space

I know it’s counterintuitive, but look…P1610018… and here the ants are lending a hand …

P1610417… and here a beekeeper, selling propolis and royal jelly and all kinds of super live-till-you’re-120 health products in beautifully packaged little jars and squeeze tubes, and mead too, flavoured with blueberries and apricots, mmm, and, heck, everything all healthful and good …

P1610404… is trying to stop the future by applying a good whack of 2-4D to his crumbling driveway. The dandelions are suffering, but they wont die, and the road is not saved. Its time is over. The rest of the road is going the same way.

P1610061Crack Sealing

Buying time for a dead road.

The money to repair this infrastructure may not come again. If it does, it won’t last for long. 10 years after that, we will be dealing with roads that are completely falling apart. It’s time to develop the technology now, so we’re ready…

P1610313Wireweed, Pineapple Weed, Cheat Grass, and Wild Lettuce

Showing us the way to green urban space, and food for all. Either we eat this stuff or weed kill it for no reason other than some attempt at control.

Here are 3 principles. 1. We are not in control. 2. Choose life, always. With those in mind, we’ll get along just fine. By choosing life, we are choosing not to be in control, but by choosing it in advance, then we are on its side, rather than against it. That’s a form of control — controlling us. 3. If we don’t choose life, we are the problem. If we choose it, we are the solution.





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