Four Dimensional Photography

That’s right: 4-D. The patterns in this stream are not ripples of light tossed around by waves on the water’s surface. The surface of this tiny stream at Kjarvalhvammur, Iceland is covered with a layer of ice too thin for the human eye to see, yet which formed in the night, slowly, bit by bit, recording as it did the ebb and flow and current of the stream. This is photography not done by human hands, and the image below, which records light, hardly does it justice. 



In fact, it can’t, because photography is, by definition, a way of writing with light. This isn’t photography. It’s Ice Lithography. Imagine the other art forms that the earth is undertaking right now. Imagine people learning from them and developing art forms of their own out of them. It was done over the last century with the idea of nature. Wonders lie in front of us.

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