Finding the Earth’s Story, Finding my Own

I’m off. Or is it going home? At any rate, it involves Iceland. I’ll continue these meditations on place from there for six weeks. I fully expect to get to their heart. There are, after all, the tools I used as a boy: light, earth, wind, and these …

P1020471Tools Rusting Away, Bustarfell

My grandfather felt the same way, perhaps, when he came from Silesia to Canada, and built a tractor by building a wooden lathe to build a metal lathe to machine the parts so he could build a tractor so he could mow his grass. So did my father, who learned how to set iron rims on hand-made wooden wheels in the Black Forest, and then came to Canada to be an industrial farmer. And me?  learned poetry in the last age before literacy burnt us all up in a wind. I learned it from the trees.


Icelandic Birch Forest Getting Out of the Wind, Dettifoss

Sometimes the answers aren’t in the sky and the light, but right at your feet.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be on the road in Northern Iceland. In April, I’ll be here, daily, at Until then, several times a week. And here on Okanagan Okanogan? Ah,


Ponderosa Pine Sapling in Spring Snow

For the next six weeks on Okanagan Okanogan I will be exploring the deep ideas I have gathered from the land this last year and a half, and putting them together into an educational, cultural and writing program for writing with the earth. I want this beautiful planet to survive human ingenuity. I’m not quite ready to see my life put in a museum just yet and turn all romantic with rust.


Eagle Returning to Okanagan Lake in the Spring

The books that I set out to write with these notes (this is number 398.) now are due. The first sketches towards some ideas on writing, which I have found lying beside the trail of this journey, are here at witual. The final key to my inland, volcanic, grassy North Pacific shore is in Iceland, a volcanic, grassy island in the North Atlantic. After all, this grassland that people call a desert is a tidal pool.




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  1. Bon voyage… have a great time… sure admire the folks of iceland and the spacious poetry of the landscapes there… we are big fans of sigor ros, amiina, and seabear… enjoy for us all…


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