Poppy Seed Buzz

It is a joy to live on seasonal earth.

Icelandic Poppy in My Flower Meadow

The year is winding down, just when I was enjoying having it around. Ahhhhhh, but there’s a sweet reward …

Wild Bee in Its Icelandic Poppy

There’s a bittersweet reward for this beauty, too …

Icelandic Poppy Seed Cases

Gathered to spread the colony further next year.

Yes, it will all start again, if I help it just a little bit, but next year, when I’m a year older. Like I said, bittersweet. What an honour and joy it has been to share a piece of land with these flowers. I hope I have been a good companion.

Poppy Seed, Spilling Out

What a responsibility it is to keep these seeds safe through the winter. 

Half, I’m going to scatter in place. The other half, further into the yard. I think they will make great weeds in the vegetable garden. Those little seed cases rattle like ritual shakers in a temple under the stars.




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