The Glory of the Sun

Late in the year, when summer visitors are at home, the Okanagan light comes into its own. This is the season when the sun just crests the hills, blows in almost horizontally through the grasses, fills their hollow stems, and glows with all the fire of a maple forest in New Brunswick in October. This is the season to celebrate the mixture of darkness and fire in the December light, one of the great pleasures of living on the northern shoulder of this earth.

Summer  House Alone in Glory

This light is our great secret, and though perceptive builders and landscape designers arrange houses to take advantage of it in the landscape, like this…

Shadows on Fire

The houses of late Western civilization are sited like view machines.

…too often, visuals get expressed as a huge carbon footprint, like this:

A Propane Patio Heater?

This is the problem with defining the sun by Mexico, California, and the Gulf Coast. Here is a better alternative:

Winter Fire

Live where you live.

Love where you live.

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