Strike Out!

Ah, sometimes you bite into an apple and get a mouthful of delicious irony. Here, for instance, is a BC Tree Fruits radio spot ad about marketing local apples, presumably from the Canadian Okanagan.

Orchard Worker in Early East Kelowna OrchardDitch Irrigating an Early Kelowna Orchard with a Hoe

A century ago it was tough on dirt. Now in the age of water conservation, it’s very romantic and forms part of the new BC Tree Fruits Marketing Strategy. Huh?

Here is an update on the story of the forklift driver who went on a hunger strike because his employer, BC Tree Fruits, which boasts of selling Okanagan grown apples, was selling Washington galas in Canadian gala season.

Ads and corporate spin that state that this company sells Canadian apples and then this. It doesn’t jive, you know, unless one accepts the obvious: BC Tree Fruits is taking over the Okanogan, from Oroville to Brewster. Either that, or their advertising people aren’t talking to their management people, or somebody, somewhere, doesn’t care.

Na, it couldn’t be the latter. I’ll go with the juicy takeover bid.

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