The Kids are Alright

I suggested that rather than being divided, culture today is unified. Since the kids are our future, let’s have a look at their rites of initiation into adulthood. First, a campground bonfire of stolen office chairs, drugs, and camp stools stolen from nearby campers, an annual ritual on Vancouver Island…

Campfire with burnt chairs and camp stools at Beavertail lakeThe Morning After at Beavertail Lake

(and five minutes before one girl came back looking for her Mom’s camp stool.)

… and, next, in Sheep Creek, in the Chilcotin, where the pictographic tradition continues in a new form …

graffiti at sheep creek bridgeMemories of a Summer Night at Sheep Creek Bridge

It is important that we stand with our kids and help them tell this story. It makes sense.

It’s about respect. Telling it might be as simple as looking at it like this…

Monolithic House with vineyard, grassland, and weeds in Bella VistaEarly 21st Century Sculpture with Grassland, Vineyard, and Weeds

One world makes its statement of ownership, while others are left waiting for a voice.

The kids won’t be living in such houses.

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