Fishing Platform and Dam at Celilo FallsStand Off at The Dalles, Oregon

Just one of the nine major dams NK’mip salmon jump on their long swim home.

Two technologies draw their identity from the same river. One is designed to harvest salmon from the water. One is designed to harvest the earth’s gravity from it.  We spend hundreds of millions of dollars, in the Okanagan alone, educating our children to understand the logical languages that comprehend a river as a series of mathematical equations, and, well, this. In the image below, for example…

Private astronomical observatory on Anarchist Mountain looking towards Hurley PeakPrivate Astronomical Observatory on Anarchist Mountain

… the meticulous high-tech work of mapping the stars is understandable to schooling, but the huge energy collectors of Hurley Peak and Chopaka Peak (clouded) in the background, go largely unremarked, as do their ancient role as the centre of the Okanagan universe. The collectors of the mountains draw the energy of the sun down into our valleys, as rain, wind, heating, and cooling. Where is the school that teaches how to harness that? The mountain collectors also create natural beauty and spiritual identity. Where is the school that teaches that?

Health comes from wholeness and balance. We’re not there yet.

Next week: Wealth — a series of practical issues and opportunities.

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