Julia’s Sunflower Has a Visitor

Julia Aleynikova is a young poet from the north east Ural mountains, who gave me six sunflower to plant while she went to Minsk for the summer. Her poem “Lady Fallen to Earth” is one of the finalist’s for this year’s CBC Poetry Prize. On the day the finalist list was announced (Monday), this American Goldfinch visited her flowers, that watched over my wildflower garden and greeted visitors for the summer.P1470959

I am saving seeds from one of the heads. If you would like a seed from Julia’s sunflower, let me know. I’m hoping you might plant it, to pass Julia’s gift along, but, hey, if you’re small enough and have the right beak they’ll make a meal.

P1470942That’s pretty good, too!




Writing With Light

The blue sky? The yellow bird? The green pine?

P1200192Female American Goldfinch in a Lodgepole Pine the Beetles Missed

Big Bar Lake

Hardly. Those are properties of human sight, and of American Goldfinch sight as well. We are creatures of the earth, on Earth. Should we ever leave Earth, we will still see with the earth’s eyes. What does that mean, to see with the Earth’s eyes? Ah, this, I think:

P1190850Pond and Aspen, Big Bar Lake

Because of the earth-based properties of human sight, the nature of the universe can be worked out in terms of colour just as powerfully as it can in terms of logical processes. Both are science, which is nothing more nor less than the creation of knowledge out of experience. There’s nothing in that that says that the knowledge created has to take the form of a set of universal laws, or that the creation of a vast intellectual pattern superseding physical perception is the only way of thinking. That’s only a cultural bias.


The World Turning Blue Late in the Day, Big Bar Lake

Photographers and painters have known this for a long time. Now that culture has gone visual, writers are freed from texts and can start sculpting the world again.

P1190822Walking on the Big Bar Eskers

This is our book now. What an exciting time to be alive. That’s the observation. Now, to publish in that space.