It’s Not Really Your Choice to Make

We can view this peninsula as the head of a turtle.

Turtle Point, Okanagan Lake

Or we can view it as a lump of rock that reminds us, childishly, of a turtle, or just as a drowned, eroded hilltop, a remnant of an uplifted ridge.

Is the connection with thought, in other words, significant, or is it just an error that we can sever with a quick cut? And by “is it significant”, I mean, is it able to add to our relationship with the lake? Is that capable of improving the lake and the land and the life dependent upon them? Think carefully. You are making this choice for both yourself and the Earth.

If you choose the turtle, you’ve chosen an Earth that thinks for you, or, perhaps better, one you think with. If you choose the “cut”, then you’ve chosen to think without the Earth. It’s not part of your mind or your body.

Even though it is there at the centre of things.

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  1. Hello Harold. I enjoy reading your words and how you interpret the land. Your pictures are beautiful. Would you allow me to use one of your photos here as a reference photo to paint with? I am an oil painter, and I love to paint in the style of realism these days. Of course I always credit the photographer and their photo. Thank you for your consideration. Carolyn Anele, Vernon. PS I’m on Instagram under Carolyn Anele if you’d like to view a few of my realism photos there. Cheers.

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