There is a power in the world, that fills.

Wherever there is emptiness, it fills it.

This is not a function of the world. Scientific inquiry has shown clearly enough that there is vacancy, filled by force and emptied by flagging energy.

Plus reflections and mirroring, which are viewed as effects of light and are quite thoroughly studied, whether it is dawn (above) or dusk (below.)

Thing is, though, these are all effects of a human observer: the light, the emotional tone to the light, the filling, and the mirroring, not to mention the vertical and the lateral.

It is all the filling. Wherever there is a space, the world will fill it. Scientific thinking continues to explore the randomness of these effects, and has built elaborate and beautiful systems of mathematics and physics around them, but the Earth will rush in and fill that emptiness as well. When you get up in the morning, it is there.

Big Bar Lake, Cooling Overnight, this August Autumn

If it wasn’t such a balance of empty and full, and emptying and filling, my kayak would not be able to move forward mid-morning.

But it does. Filling is a human capacity, too. We don’t just have to take. After all, we don’t “take” pictures.

We “make” them. As they make us.

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  1. I love this post Harold. Thank you. It fills an empty place- a place of longing for beauty- that is all around, but one needs to seek it out, pay attention, be attentive to ways to respond or reflect on it. You do that. Thanks for continually refreshing my ways of seeing and being. xo Ruth

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