We Are the Sun

The sun came up last Wednesday. Isn’t that great! Looking west, away from it, was great fun.

But not so much fun as looking east. Look at it projecting itself on ice crystals in the air.

A lovely example of the Sun coming to Earth and remaking itself here, as it does all the time. Eventually, it found the mountains.

Looking 20 Minutes Later

And the water began to wake.

Yes, we can say “the birds awoke” but that misses the point that birds (and humans) only exist at the point where sun and water meet on Earth. They are children of the water, just as humans are children of the shore. This looking out as shore gives us the birds that are the sun becoming themselves. Same applies to Terrace Mountain, there. It is when it wakes that humans, and fowl, are set into full action. We are all, effectively, this:

Self Portrait in a Convex Atmosphere

If we are talking about that, we are here.

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