The Dimensions of Darkness, or Among the Choke Cherries at Dusk

It’s hard to say which is an image of the real choke cherry in the open sky of winter, as the sun is falling into the Pacific far to the West. This one…

… or, with a bit of light, this one, which takes the flat planes of consciousness away and replaces them with a different world, one of depth (not a better world or a more accurate, but a paradigm shift) …

… or this one, which captures the cherries going through a similar change of dimension, here with moulds and yeasts ripening, in a development parallel to that of the flattening of darkness or the illusions of depth with light, but demonstrating time.


This is not the time of a journey, as images of depth show, of a passing into a mystery, or coming out of one …

… but of doing it in place, of opening.

All are forms of ripeness, but don’t let the word fool you. This is not ripeness for the picking but for moments of entrance, of passing through various planes and levels of your self and your consciousness.

One can cheat, and make wine or cider, put it in a bottle and then crack it open, but that’s not the same as passing through the dimensions. It’s an artful dodge. That’s what art is, yet there is another art, that of entering the thicket…

… to deeper dimensionality, in which travel takes place in a medium that encloses one rather than one, like light, that sets one apart.

We have senses attuned to the night that are not attuned to the day, and a different sense of depth and connection. Imagine if we had a science that explored darkness but not as a realm of fear and weakness or bound with all the Victorian metaphors of sweeping darkness away, but as something that met the light and revealed it.

The light is an inheritance billions of years old. The darkness is not “what we can’t see” or “the lack of sight.” It is a different dimension, in the way of a dimensionality built on paradigms of consciousness, built in different regions of the mind and fully viewable around us, becoming in the end touch. Certainly, light is essential to survival, but it no more replaces the dimensions it stands upon than height replaces width and depth or the earth replaces the well of spacetime it sits within.


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