What the Raven of the Marble Mountains Knows

The eye gives the illusion of bringing distance close, but the raven knows more.

Bushwhacking ingrown grasslands gets you nowhere fast.

If you had to survive off this land, really survive, you’d light a match. Then you could see where you are.

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  1. Actually, it’s a fire forest. Trees ingrowing into grass are fire-not-yet-burnt. For thousands of years, indigenous people did burn here, for just this reason, as they did across the continent. The percentage of trees in British Columbia that must burn every 100 years is close to 100%. Lodgepole pine only lives 90 years, for instance, then it goes up like vaporized gasoline. Unburnt forest is artificially maintained, which is to say that the fire is intensified. A big problem, for sure, with terrible consequences, for sure, but that doesn’t stop the one truth: this is a fire forest. It is fire that is at home here.


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