Little Quail Climbing Everest

A clutch of a dozen quail eggs hatched this morning, and I surprised the chicks and their parents at the bottom of some rocks put in to eliminate life from a small part of the planet and called landscaping. Ten got away under a set of stairs. Two were left behind, and had to give it their all.

They made it. Incredible! Look at that wing flap!


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  1. Lucky you! Cuteness personified. I found a clutch of 9 ruffed grouse eggs in our woods. Sadly they never hatched—the nest, in a mound of leaves at the base of a big old balsam poplar, sits undisturbed several weeks on. I assume something happened to the female. Glad your new ones made it out alive.


    • We fed Mama sprouted lentils in February, to help her with the egg thing, but did she eat them? No, she did not! Luckily, she knew better! So much for reading big books on quail over the snowy months!



    • Let’s hope. There are hawks. Cats are, surprisingly, minor predators of these birds. Shoo, hawks, shoo!



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