Nature Photography

Flying While Under the Influence

So, like, winter comes and it’s time to run. Apples (Granny Smith)  still on the tree. Ladder? Who cares. It’s cold out there. Run.

Of course, the long cold transforms those green apples into brown sacs of brown goo: Granny Smith daiquiris, really.

Amazingly, some still look good enough to eat.

Hungry? Ah, you’ll have to compete with the starlings. It looks like they got there first.

Mmmmm. You can get drunk on these things, eh.

And then you can fly while under the influence.

Crazy days in late winter in the Similkameen Valley.



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  1. A lovely post, Harold, and it reminded me of finding a Sapsucker once in a small park in new York City. It was clearly not well, and easy to rescue. My parents lived in the ‘burbs then so I got on a bus and took the bird with me, in a cardboard box. By the time I arrived, it had revived, and we were able to release it into the woods. Hopefully it wasn’t too disoriented by the change of venue. 🙂 Later I found out they get drunk if they drink sap that’s turned. I don’t know if that poor fellow could have survived as a drunk bird on the streets of new York, just too many hazards. maybe ti all worked out.


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