fire gardening

The Earth Makes Perfect Sense

If you crush up black bedrock and strew it around, you get predatory spiders, and nothing else. This is a fire landscape. They clean up.V0000287

Anyone who knew this land would know this.

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  1. Ooooooooooops! What I mean is anyone who has walked this land in her clothing of stone and fire, so who has walked her for a long time, would have noticed a couple things: first, that when you go to the basic elements, such as rock, you get the most primitive form of life, so if you crush bedrock, you create an earth billions of years old; second, that when the fire comes, and fire is black, the first colonists are the spiders, who eat everyone else who blows in. I suspect this is one reason black widows are black. They set up shop within 24 hours. So, put it all together? If you crush the bones of mother earth, don’t expect anything other than a predatory kind of life which mirrors the act of crushing those bones in the first place. In the Okanagan, this behaviour is called development. If that word is well-placed, then I leave it to you to say what is being developed.


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