Butterflies and Meadowlarks on a Cold Spring Day

Windy day up on the hill. No bees, but many flowers making themselves all pretty for them.P2300996

That’s a beautiful flower. When you’re from this place, it’s the only one for you, the one that pulls at your heart.


She is arrow-leafed balsam root, which is a series of wrong names for a wild sunflower native to these hills. Yeah, no bees, but look who is braving the cold:


A butterfly growing up! Now, here’s the thing: these leaves taste like menthol. Reallllly strong menthol when they get this big. I guess menthol helps with the cold. Speaking of braving the cold of an extra-early spring:


Listen to him:

Yellow’s the season. This Western Meadowlark is a cheeky guy. Here he was three days ago, thirty metres above the neighbour’s house up the hill.




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