An Anthropocene Idyll in the Okanagan Petro State

Ah, lunchtime in the park. The joys of nature in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.P2120214Sure.


New word: anthrobscene.

(You know, you might disagree with me on that, but, really, if this is what nature is, we are screwed.)

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      • Weii you know it gets me thinking about all sorts of snarky replies. Like it leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I’ll just wash it down with a bottle of Justine Priestly!
        And then my nutty thoughts turn to supposed archeological time lines and those pesky anomalies and the big bang theory….and how in 100,000,000+ years where we’re standing now will be rendered into what? A few feet of toxic tars and metals sandwhiched between layers of rock?
        If Earth is alive aware intelligent (yes she is) the mother of creation eons old, unimaginably old and we one of her children with the life span of an ant, then is it possible that even tho what we’re doing here now seems obscene, the dredging up and redistribution of tars and heavy metals in myriad forms even eating the stuff…is it possible Earth has a long range purpose we know nothing about? To me it seems a nightmare but maybe I we are a part of a larger dreaming.
        Sorry for the run on sentences. I’m better at talking then typing.


  1. Hi, it sounds beautiful and mysterious, Fran! However, I wonder. A couple observations: the life of the planet has various levels, one of which is the biosphere, the one in which we are beautifully entangled. It’s that one that we’re messing up, and that one that we can choose to nurture or destroy. If we destroy it, then we are opting for control by other levels of earth’s dynamism, mineral, perhaps, volcanic, perhaps, or even magnetic and gravitational. There are many levels, all nestled into each other, but none dominant. What we choose, though, will come to be, both for the earth and ourselves. It is a choice, a real choice, with real consequences. I opt for choosing life. I agree with the larger dreaming, but I think it is dreaming without narrative. Narrative is our gift, and this is a gift built around a choice. Cheers! Harold


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