Where the Bear Walks There Walk I

It’s the time of year for saskatoons to bloom.saskatoonbloom


The air smells sweet.



Soon the berries will be even sweeter.



Watch out for the ones with worms! Look how they’re scattered around on the slope.



That’s because bears have a sweet tooth, and you know what that means. That’s right, this, all through the winter and into the springtime:

P1760281Ah, but what’s this?


Baby saskatoon! Bears are Randomness generators! . As a saskatoon might say:





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  1. I loved the moment in your posting where you photograph the beautiful Saskatoon flower in the bear droppings. Is the town named after the flower. I regularly visit a lovely 92 year old lady who lived in Saskatoon for a few years following the Second World War after marrying a Canadian pilot. Eventually they settled back in England and raised their family here. I am fascinated by your description of berries in April. What a gift for the bears! We won’t see then in England until Autumn although I will keep my eyes open from now on.


    • Yes, Saskatoon is named after saskatoons. I’m afraid I was confusing. The berries come in early July or late June. They were traditionally pounded with buffalo meat and made into pemmican, the survival food of the Hudson’s Bay Company. I’m glad you liked the post! One never knows with bear scat!

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      • Pemmican is a name known to readers of Arthur Ransome’s stories set in the English Lake District. The children give the name to the rations provided by their parents as they go off on their adventures. However, until your reply to my comment I had no idea what it was. Now I do and my knowledge has grown. I wonder what stories had nourished those English children of the 1920s & 30s that caused them to choose a name linked with the Hudson Bay company?

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      • Quite the stories, for sure! To make pemmican, one had to pound the berries and the buffalo meat together and then dry them. An amazing amount of work! Now, one of the things about saskatoons is that they have a kazillion seeds. I have no idea whether those were pounded out, or if one was chewing through them too!


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