Nature Photography

To Understand the World, Understand Prague

A people that lives in the natural world channels the natural world through the patterns of the will and in the image of human consciousness and perception (and divine will). A people that lives in a world of artifice reshapes the natural world with machines and in the image of machines.


A people that defines artfulness as the grace by which one integrates the natural world into the industrial processes as a living contributor is a spiritual people living in the earth as a sacred body. A people that defines artfulness and the patterns by which the natural world, including humans, bends to the will of machinery as creativity is not a human people. Such a people are like the no-longer-employed fire-warning pigeons of Prague, seen gone feral above, still living in cities once built to the glory of God. They are free, but existentially bound to emptiness.

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  1. What an intriguing insight about the unemployed pigeons. Do you know how they warned of fires? I wonder if anything similar could be true of other city pigeons in Toronto, London — well, pick just about any city you like — even if they have not at one time had particular purposes.


    • Yup, that’s the thing with pigeons! Keep them in a tower. Keep a fire watcher up in the tower. Pigeons are extremely sensitive to smoke and scatter up, agitated, before humans have noticed fire. I learned this in Gotha.


      • I believe we need some in-house pigeons here then. Fire alarm inspection is taking place in the building and the bells are earsplitting. Then it turned out my smoke detector has given up and will have to be replaced. Perhaps I should get a well-behaved bird instead!


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