Halloween Lovers

Here they are, the darlings.lovers


Male and Female Black Widows

Hanging out in my garage.

She’s sure getting big. Twice the size, easily, from when she moved in five months ago. She doesn’t run and hide anymore. Hmmm.

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    • Extremely graceful and beautiful, indeed. The photograph can’t capture the black shine, or the way she moves those long front legs. Lethal to people with heart, respiratory or nervous conditions. And to small children. They are everywhere. Next time you’re in the Nicola, I suggest you poke around in some irrigation tap boxes … you’re bound to find them, but rarely as big as this one. They don’t wander. They hunker down in a spot and stay there.


      • Once, when we were camping at Monck Park, we went to a naturalist talk and the guy passed around a film canister (remember those???) with a female black widow in it. I remember the vivid red.


      • Yes, it can be so red! I thought this one was gone, actually, but it seems she was just sleeping off the preying mantis that she ate.


    • He’s been there for months! If there’s enough to eat, he’ll be fine. Plus, he’s a very handsome dude, don’t you think?


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