Three Suns, One Path

So, you know, I’m hanging out with my buddies …


… waiting for the apples of springtime, the ones that have bloomed in the basement and which turn to stars when thrown onto the late snow. While I’m at it, I’ve been keeping an eye on the setting sun to the west …


…which is moving south over the lake in the form of water. When I turn around and look up …

P1200182… there, due east, the moon is a-rising, drawing the water sun through the air, and what do I notice then …

P1200194… but the window of a house on the edge of the city, set up to look directly into the sun, because that’s a fine and pretty thing. So, I get to thinking, right, like this: “Hey, if I were in that house, enjoying that sun of light …

P1200272… behind the one the moon is drawing over the winter earth, I wouldn’t see …

moon2… this at all, five minutes later, when it was the only light left of the sun on this corner of the earth.” So, now I get to thinking, “Hey, that’s a strange thing, to follow the light and miss the sun.” The sun you see when you turn around and look the way you have just come is not the sun you see when you set out.


It’s as simple as that, I guess.

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  1. the sun set out is never the light you see… and that was one powerful moon.. i thought the heriot bay inn was going to swallow me


    • That is one powerful inn! I’m glad it sent you back ashore, though. Thanks for the sun tip…are you playing sun chess?


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