Life is a Form of Water

The universe is consistent. When the solar system formed, light molecules, such as water, spun off to the outer edges, where they formed comets. A billion and a half years later, the comets, trailing long tails, plunged into the heart of the solar system and into the earth. Here’s some comet now…

P1160047 Air Bubbles in a Temporary Roadway Pond

This relationship between outer solar system water and inner solar system rock and carbon used the natural molecular bonds of carbon and water …



Snowflake, Wilson Bentley, c. 1902

…as a template for cell structures, replication, and even imprisonment…

chloroplasts_2207614bChloroplasts Source

Once independent organisms, these photosynthesizing animals are now corralled within snow-flake like plant cellular structures. The plants, effectively, farm them. Human cells also contain trapped foreign material. Our bodies are herds.

Water tension is a powerful force. It allows water striders to walk across the Pacific Ocean or air to take on form in organized communities…

P1160050 Bubbles Caught in Time

Just like chloroplasts.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.


Mathematics is Not a Matter of Numbers Source

Snowflake, Wilson Bentley, c. 1902

If you want a mathematics that is not locked within the secret language of numbers but is able to walk among its chloroplasts, so to speak, just go for a walk…


Roadway Pond

Before the tractor came.

…and help human language find its way back home.

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